Folkson Design is Nathan Folkman and Letha Wilson. The great part is they both bring their own unique experiences to the table. Letha has created websites for many artists and arts organizations, and is an artist herself. Nathan is a web guru who has worked for MapQuest, AOL, and now BetaWorks and technically speaking he can pretty much do anything :) Between the two of them they have all the expertise to make your web project the best it can be. Here are some websites they have worked on in the past either individually or together:

Mark di Suvero

Socrates Sculpture Park

Sara Meltzer Gallery

Agnes Jacobs Designs

Jackie Battenfield's book website

Herman's House - Jackie Sumell artist project website

Debora Kuan - writer's website

Lai-Chung Poon - artist website

Shannon Plumb - artist website

Jude Tallichet 'Charms' - artist project website

New Sanctuary Coalition of New York City - non-profit organization

Dena Shottenkirk - artist website

Watson Gold Design - landscape architecture website

West Village Yoga website

Nina Katchadourian online project "The Continuum of Cute"

The Decline of Men - book website

Drawing Center Viewing Program Online (project manager)

Artists Space's Artists File Online (project manager)

Sharon Gold artist website

Merit Badge exhibition website

Kelly Lamb artist website

Anita Thacher artist website


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